Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

 2024 is well under way, and we've already done a number of events, with more to come.

Lunchtime Concert at the Art Gallery

Saturday 20th July 2024 1pm

Another chance to sing in the beautiful acoustic setting of Southampton Art Gallery.

It will give us the chance to sing some of the numbers which don't work so well outdoors.

Music in the City

September 28th   All over Southampton centre

Although it seems a long way off we have applied

for a spot at this year's MITC.

It's a remarkable event which has

been running for about 16 years now.

The spots have not been allocated yet,

but watch this space for any news of our one.

Here we are singing at last year's version in King John's Palace

Other things in the pipeline...

We have a number of other events in the pre planning phase, such as a spot at the rearranged All Aboard festival, return visits to the prison and Art Gallery, and also we have been asked

to lead an evening of church worship at

James Street Church in St. Mary's

We even have our first Christmas event pencilled in, see below.

James St. Church

If you have an event planned and you would like us to come along to sing, please contact us.

Christmas Tree Festival

St. James Church West End

Even longer off, but this is another chance to sing at the St James Church Christmas tree festival where many local groups decorate a tree and much cake is eaten. We have a provisional booking but no spot as yet.