Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

 2024 is well under way, and we are starting to get events organised...

Sunday Church Service

Winchester Prison   Sunday 3rd March 2024

After our Christmas visit in December we plan to make a return trip to Winchester Prison to lead a Sunday morning church service with an Easter theme.

Due to the nature of HMP Winchester most often there are hardly any inmates who were present on our previous visits, meaning that whilst it's not new for us seeing us is a new experience for them.

We hope that it is a pleasant one.

Obviously this is not a public event.

Lunchtime Concert at the Art Gallery

Saturday 9th March 1 pm

We understand that the Art Gallery will be closed for renovations for a while in the late spring, so we are taking this opportunity to give a short concert.

Our experience last time was that the audience quite liked being able to sit down for the concert as chairs were provided for the first time at one of our visits.  We hope there will be chairs again...

This is a big musical event being run by Southampton City Youth Sinfonia .

There will be several musical ensembles and choirs from around the area and we are joining in.

Click the pic for details from the SCYS facebook page

Make some Noise

Tuesday 19th March 2024 7:30pm

Central Hall, St Marys St. Southampton

We have a number of other events in the pre planning phase, such as appearing at the All Aboard river festival and perhaps a concert in support of The Leprosy Mission charity.

If you have an event planned and you would like us to come along to sing, please contact us.